Workplace wellbeing and wellness aren’t just buzzwords that are going to go away.  The mental, emotional and physical health of workers is integral to the sustainability, productivity and profitability of workplaces.  Despite this, 32% of the 7,500 Australians each year who suffer a workplace mental health condition identify “work pressure” as the contributing factor to their condition.

Taking a ‘people-first’ approach directly benefits organisations with increased levels of employee performance, morale & engagement. Rates of absenteeism, staff turnover, stress, and burnout are also noticeably reduced saving time, money and personnel resources.  More than employees who feel valued and cared for their by their employer are more engaged, loyal and report higher levels of happiness in their work and performance.

‘Work-Life Balance Management’ is committed to taking a proactive approach to workplace wellness by identifying the root cause of stress within corporate environments and implementing customised solutions to address these.


Workplace Assessments

Using experience and skills obtained from over 10 years in analysis and management roles, I evaluate the current state of the organisation and identify performance and wellbeing improvement opportunities. This insight is obtained through a variety of information gathering process including:

  • interviews
  • observations
  • documentation reviews
  • process flow analysis
  • stakeholder engagement workshops and
  • procedural walkthroughs

Following this review, I work closely with the workplace to develop a realistic action plan and assist with the change implementation process through project management, document preparation, training and information sessions and team or 1 on 1 coaching.


Workshops or information sessions are a simple and cost-effective way to promote awareness of your organisation’s commitment to employee wellbeing but also provides them with usable skills or knowledge they can adopt in either their personal or professional lives.  The following is a sample of the topics I usually discuss:

  • Stress: Understanding & Managing It
  • Balanced Lifestyle: What is Work-Life Balance & How to Achieve It
  • Understanding Limits & Implementing Boundaries
  • Self-care and management
  • Mindfulness: Why It Matters & How To Do It
  • Change Management & Transformation
  • Productivity Techniques
  • Health & Wellbeing


Looking to improve the cohesiveness, performance or resilience of an individual or a team? Coaching offers the following benefits:

  • improved results in defining and achieving targets and goals
  • greater ownership and accountability for individual or group tasks
  • improved clarity, motivation, confidence and sense of purpose
  • increased ability to identify, monitor and resolve behavioural or performance issues
  • improved communication and problem-solving skills

The unique combination of analysis, project management, emotional intelligence and coaching skills & experience allow me to provide services that are unique to your organisation, its culture and people.

Functional Assistance Programs

When deadlines are looming and the pressure is on, the one thing your organisation needs most is their staff onboard, ready and able to go the extra mile…..but your people have other commitments in their lives.  Functional assistance programs offer a short-term solution that benefits both workplaces and their people in times of need. Through collaboration with local professional services I create custom hands-on assistance packages that include:

  • Fresh meal preparation and delivery to the home or workplace
  • Life administration tasks and errands
  • Cleaning and home maintenance
  • Virtual administrative assistance
  • Pet and house sitting.

Note: These services are only recommended for short-term assistance as I believe a balanced lifestyle is imperative for ongoing mental, physical and emotional health.

As you can see my service offerings are as unique as they are diverse.  If you are unsure what is best for you and your workplace give me a call and I can come in for an obligation-free meeting to evaluate your needs and together we can identify the best solution for you.