Looking for a flexible career?

Our employment landscape is changing.   Attractive remuneration and career growth are no longer the primary prerequisites for job seekers. Today they are actively searching for organisations that support work/life balance through flexible working conditions, telecommuting or job sharing.

If you’re looking for a career or lifestyle change, the following list has been collated to assist you with your search. Good luck!


SOOS – Sort Out Our Shiz

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SOOS is a collaboration between Geelong’s highly successful Lou Hammer of One Day P.A. and Lee Doherty of Admin & Co. This collaborative effort enables SOOS to provide a broad range of personal concierge & administrative support to its client base. If you can think it, SOOS do it offering a range of services that reduce the workload at home, office, online, event or simply life in general. Lou & Lee are not only committed to improving the work-life balance for their clients but for the staff they employ also. Their team of freelance ‘unicorns’ (unique, highly skilled, adaptable and almost magical humans) are provided with flexible working conditions with the motto “it doesn’t matter where or how the job gets done as long as it’s done on time and meets the client’s needs”.


Beam Australia


Beam Australia is an Australian job marketplace connecting job seekers and workplaces. The website reflects the Beam team’s commitment to supporting parents back into the workforce by offering roles that acknowledge their qualifications, skills, and experience and meet the ‘flexible working conditions’ criteria (e.g., contract, part-time and virtual). Beam has enlisted some of Australia’s premium employers including the Australian government, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Melbourne Water and more.




Similar to Beam, Flexcareers is a job marketplace passionate about returning women to the workforce in professions that compliment their skill set while providing the flexibility required to support their non-working lives. Flexcareers will soon be launching some exciting new services including training and re-accreditation courses and 12-week internships with large progressive employers.


DCC Jobs


Don’t let the website address fool you; this is another Australian start-up with a commitment to providing career opportunities that offer pay equity, leadership and flexible working conditions for women.  DCC offers a unique service with their Workplace Initiatives grid that outlines how each organisation supports equality and work/life balance with a checklist of policies and working conditions. This service enables job seekers to determine if the workplace is going to meet their work-life balance needs before applying for advertised positions.

great place to work

Great Place to Work


The ‘Great Place to Work’ team are the research gurus who determine who are the best employers in Australia and abroad. Their site contains information on employers, understanding employees and their drivers, healthy workplace cultures and more.




As one of the largest and renowned job search websites available Seek are in a unique position to monitor and study trends and shifts in the employment market. Each year they conduct a Work-Life Balance report that provides useful insights into what employees are looking for across the country.


Fair Work Australia


Unsure what you’re entitled to a casual, part-time or full-time worker? Fair Work Australia is an excellent starting point for both employers and employees understand their legal obligations and expectations. The site contains valuable resources like Pay, Leave & redundancy calculators, entitlements and award details.