Category: Personal Development

Who am I to judge?

Judgement creates a barrier which prevents acceptance. Acceptance in this sense is not about taking on board someone else's beliefs, values etc as your own but accepting another's right to be different.

Can’t or Won’t?

Such small and simple words but they have a powerful impact on our personal & professional mindset. These words create the boundaries of our abilities and responsibilities affecting our levels of self-esteem and feelings of empowerment.

Is it possible to be authentic whilst ‘faking it until you make it’?

Q. What do superhero's and the regular people have in common? A. We all wear masks to present the best version of ourselves.

Justification: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The biggest lies are those we tell ourselves. Be honest with your desires and emotions and accept them as they are. Acknowledge that's what makes you human and move on with it. Be real. To yourself. Always.

Gratitude is not an attitude, it’s a lesson learnt.

To appreciate where you are, remember where you've been.