Category: Mental Health

Stress. It’s all in your mind(set).

Stress, yes it's part of our lives but it is was designed to help us not hurt us.  Most of us are no longer exploring forests anymore but we're living like bears are hiding behind every corner and our adrenaline-fueled brains are too pumped to recognise the ridiculous of this. We need to step back, regroup and strategise our approach to the world we now live in.

Who am I to judge?

Judgement creates a barrier which prevents acceptance. Acceptance in this sense is not about taking on board someone else's beliefs, values etc as your own but accepting another's right to be different.

Is it possible to be authentic whilst ‘faking it until you make it’?

Q. What do superhero's and the regular people have in common? A. We all wear masks to present the best version of ourselves.

When the answer to “Are you OK?” is “No”.

Mental illness is a scary, unnerving and confusing time for not just the patient, but the circle that surrounds them.  For those in that circle who don't understand what's happening or want to help, this article is for you.  It is no way designed to replace professional advice, it is simply here to provide insight ...