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Stress. It’s all in your mind(set).

Stress, yes it's part of our lives but it is was designed to help us not hurt us.  Most of us are no longer exploring forests anymore but we're living like bears are hiding behind every corner and our adrenaline-fueled brains are too pumped to recognise the ridiculous of this. We need to step back, regroup and strategise our approach to the world we now live in.

Are You Addicted to Busy-ness?

There's no denying how busy life is these days but it doesn't have to be that way ALL the time. We've become so conditioned to the need of filling our schedules and minds every moment of the day that it now feels like we're doing something wrong if take the time to pause or stop. This year Work-Life Balance Management will be launching an online course designed to challenge the busy-ness mindset. Register your interest to be updated on the launch date.

The Final Day – An exercise in understanding what matters to you.

If you woke up and discovered that today was your final day, how would you spend it?

Justification: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The biggest lies are those we tell ourselves. Be honest with your desires and emotions and accept them as they are. Acknowledge that's what makes you human and move on with it. Be real. To yourself. Always.