You Only Have So Many Yeses to Give

No to others = yes to you.

Keeping Well At Work

'Work-Life Balance Management' is committed to taking a proactive approach to workplace wellness within corporate environments through the implementation of customised services including workplace assessments, education sessions, coaching and assistance programs. Taking a 'people-first' approach directly benefits organisations with increased levels of employee performance, morale & engagement. Rates of absenteeism, staff turnover, stress, and burnout are also noticeably reduced saving time, money and personnel resources.  Click the heading to learn more.

You’re Ready for Change, But Where To Start?

Your life no feels like yours. You don't know who you are anymore. You're going through the motions lacking purpose and direction. You realise something's got to change but you're not sure what that is let alone how. Firstly, this is completely normal and we've all felt the same way at some point in our lives. If you're looking for someone to help you from where you to where you want to be then I might be the coach for you. Together we'll set goals, celebrate successes and most importantly find that positive change you seek. I'll push you when you need it, guide you when you struggle & support you every step of the way. Click the heading to learn more.

Stress. It’s all in your mind(set).

Stress, yes it's part of our lives but it is was designed to help us not hurt us.  Most of us are no longer exploring forests anymore but we're living like bears are hiding behind every corner and our adrenaline-fueled brains are too pumped to recognise the ridiculous of this. We need to step back, regroup and strategise our approach to the world we now live in.

A Balanced Life, Not a Perfect One

A balanced life is not a perfect one. It doesn't deny the highs or lows, tears or laughter, gym or chocolate, stress or calm. It accepts they are all needed to be whole. A balanced life is simply one in which we continually work to return to the space between the extremes. This is where balance lies. This is what you can expect by working with me. Click the heading to learn more about The Work-Life Balance Management Ethos.

Who am I to judge?

Judgement creates a barrier which prevents acceptance. Acceptance in this sense is not about taking on board someone else's beliefs, values etc as your own but accepting another's right to be different.

3 Mindsets Every Entrepreneur Needs

How does an entrepreneur or small business owner achieve balance in their life?  It starts by putting value on your time, your people and your reason for being in business.

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