Let Me Introduce Myself


I’m a people-person by nature but find self-promotion uncomfortable, so please forgive me while I start with the formalities.

My name is Sarah McKiernan and have spent almost 20 years in the IT industry. My roles have been varied including an array of technical roles: helpdesk support, website developer,  business applications software developer websites.  Most of my career, however, was spent as a senior business analyst, consultant & general manager for a small software development organisation. I analysed and documented user requirements, designed software applications, managed projects and performed all business administration & management tasks. I can’t reel off a string of professional IT qualifications as I never did any tertiary study in this field. I’m a more ‘learn as you go/give it a go’ type person.  My measure of success, however, was creating respectful and cohesive working relationships with staff, clients, and stakeholders and delivering solutions that improved their work and processes.

During this time I became a mother of two beautiful boys with my ever supportive and inspiring husband. I pursued my personal growth & development with a nationally recognised Certificate IV in Life Coaching accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.  This study reinforced my desire to ‘help people’ by providing them with the skills and realisation to believe and invest in themselves and their capabilities.

So what would make a successful IT professional change their profession and focus?  I was in a unique position observing the impacts that an unbalanced lifestyle had on my staff whilst personally suffering from unmanaged stress and ultimately burnout myself.  I was ignorant to the long-term damage of stress. I felt invincible and thought wellbeing was simply a buzzword used to sell massages and essential oils.  When the physical, mental & emotional crash of my health condition occurred I was humbled by my ignorance and arrogance. I finally recognised why wellbeing was important and why adopting balance was actually a necessity in sustaining a healthy life. I resolved change was needed in my life and wanted to help people avoid the tough lessons I had to learn.

And now, you’ve got an idea of the person I am and why Work-Life Balance Management was created.

Armed with my unique skills and training in business and people I want to put a stop to reactive responses with proactive action. Working with either corporations or individuals I provide the motivation and education that makes self-care, boundary management, wellness, values and personal development a priority. It is with these changes in attitudes, beliefs and mindset that together we can transform work-life balance from an ideology to a reality.

I look forward to working with you and creating positive change soon,