Mums: Let’s practice the self-care we teach our children

To my fellow mums,

I see you making sure your bubba’s bellies are full of healthy goodness, while you eat the scraps off their plate because that’ll fill you until toast later in the evening (because by then you’re too tired to cook).

I see you read up on all the fun after-school activities you’re going to enrol them in knowing in your heart there’s not enough stretch in the budget to do the course you’ve always wanted to do.

I see you topping up their water bottles saying no to juice & soft drink while you chug down your third coffee because you need that damn caffeine to get you through the day.

I see you there at the concert/ show/ audition or sports final smiling and cheering while the shadows under your eyes tell the story of the late night it cost you working to make it there.

I see you and I see me there too. Let’s acknowledge the hypocrisy of teaching our children to look after themselves when we’re still learning how to look after ourselves. They observe more than we realise and it’s what we do they take in more than any words we say. Let’s agree to start practising what we preach because we need our kids to know when they’re parents too that self-care matters.

SM x

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