Are You Addicted to Busy-ness?

There’s no denying how busy life is these days but it doesn’t have to be that way ALL the time. We’ve become so conditioned to the need of filling our schedules and minds every moment of the day that it now feels like we’re doing something wrong if take the time to pause or stop. This year Work-Life Balance Management will be launching an online course designed to challenge the busy-ness mindset. Register your interest to be updated on the launch date.

In the next few months, I will be launching my online Addicted to Busy coaching program.

This program will look at the busy mindset and how we use busy-ness as a distraction method and coping tool. We’ll assess why it makes us feel validated and important. You’ll also develop skills in setting boundaries, practising self-care and self-management to ensure ongoing success once the program wraps up.

If you’d like to learn more, register your interest below and I’ll get in touch when the course goes live!

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