‘Work-Life Balance Management’  provides individuals and workplaces with an innovative range of consulting, coaching and facilitation services that are designed to support and maintain the physical, mental, emotional & social wellbeing of individuals both in their personal & professional lives.


Is your workplace committed to taking a responsible and proactive approach to its employee’s health and wellbeing?  If so, it will benefit with increased levels of employee performance, morale & engagement. Rates of absenteeism, staff turnover, stress, and burnout will also be reduced saving time, money and personnel resources.  As a specialist in servicing SME’s or corporations who value their workforce I provide the following workplace wellbeing services:

  • team or 1-on-1 coaching
  • guest speaking
  • team building activities/workshops
  • coordination & provision of functional assistance programs (e.g., concierge services, meals, etc.)


Is there are a disconnect between where you are in life and where you thought you’d be? As your coach, I will guide, support and assist you in transforming your life into what it should be. We’ll do this together by;

  • developing goals that align with your values
  • implementing & managing a plan for goal achievement
  • identifying & resolving barriers to change
  • recognising & celebrating accomplishments and growth